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google are partnering to host the next presidential debate on thursday night in orlando. 9:00 p.m. eastern. set your tv now. chris wallace and i will be on the panel with bret baier host. >>shepard: the news begins anew, the only survivor of a deadly home invasion that robbed him of his wife and two daughters takes the stand. again. could the suspect get the death penalty? a live report on the scene. all officials back in court from seaworld fighting safety fines after a whale killed the third victim. should the attack video be made public? >> in box three, heads up for space junk. the latest on the 6.5 ton satellite that could hit the earth this week. don't change your plans though. that is ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new
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york, president obama speaking at the united nations to stand by the rebel leaders who took over the libyan capital. >> libya is a lesson in what the international community can achieve when we stand together as one. i said at the beginning of this process, we cannot and should not intervene every time there is an injustice not world. yet it is also true that there are times where the world could have and should have summoned the will to prevent the killing of innocence on a horrific scale. >>shepard: the deposed libya leader released a recording today saying the reign is not over. president obama today averaged that remnants of his regime do persist but said united states and nato support toable new -- to build a new libya in our not work and a push for the u.n. recognition of a palestinian
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state, a potential zip milk -- diplomatic disaster with the united states caught in the middle. and now to the united nations with more on the palestinian bid for statehood but first, like, to new york city. the president is making a big point of backing the new government of libya. >>reporter: you are right. he has time only for a limited number of meetings during the to days in new york. he granted one to the head of the libyan transitional council today. in the speech here, in the talks with him he promised continued economic and security aid and a year ago he envisioned a new flag being raised at the u.n. but it was the flag of palestine. the new libyan government, he said, is a u.n. success story. >> this is how the international community should work in the 21st century. more nations bearing the responsibility and the costs of
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meeting global challenges. in fact, this is the very purpose of this united nations. >> muammar qaddafi has not been found the president said the u.s. ambassador is headed back to tripoli today and the u.s. embassy there will re-open later this week. >>shepard: the president met with the afghan counterpart. >>guest: a tragedy overshadowed that meeting today. former afghan president killed in a sue said bombing in kabul, and he was head of the high peace council. and the current president karzai stayed in new york long enough to held the meeting with president obama and then return to afghanistan. president obama said this will not set back efforts to bring the war in afghanistan to a close. >> we believe the fight, we will not be deterred from creating a path where afghans can live in freedom and safety and security
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and prosperity. >> rabbani's peace counsel was established to work out a settlement with the taliban. >>shepard: thank you, wendell. diplomats on both sides of the palestinian push for statehood are working to try to avoid a public she down over this controversial issue. the palestinian president abbas vowed to formally request u.n. membership this coming friday and do so despite a united states veto threat and heated objections from israel. and now, what is the latest? >>reporter: abbas is not becoming down on this. he vows he submit the request for palestinian statehood at the united nations on friday and it could go to the security council where it then would be vetoed by the united states. the obama administration is saying this must be negotiated not through a unilateral decision to suddenly have this vote. there is a flurry of behind the scenes maneuvering by diplomats today and the past couple of
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days and through the week to prevent this but it does not seem that abbas will be dissuaded and trying to get the world leaders on their side. and he sat down with french president sarkozy and british foreign secretary. in fact, israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu has said he is willing to meet abbas on this issue. in word, though, from the palestinians and whether that meeting will take place. but, as it stands right now abbas is expected to go before the general assembly during a speech on friday and call for the creation and vote on a palestinian state although it could be vetoed, and the security council has overwhelming support in the general assembly when he makes the call on friday we can expect applause to be thunderous. >>shepard: members of congress are attempting to block the vote? >>guest: yes, there is retaliation and talk of that on capitol hill. and now a look at the numbers. since 1993 the united states has
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given the palestinian authority $4 billion. $600 million this year alone, including the chairwoman of the house foreign affairs committee said that if the palestinians press with this, american money should stop. >> i think the american people would be shocked if they knew we're talking about billions of dollars. and that is, in fact, what we have given to the palestinians. what have we gotten in the past few years, for example? are the palestinians closer to having peace accord with the israels? no. >>reporter: a similarrest was stopped in 1989 during the administration of george h.w. bush and then the secretary of state baker said all the american money would stop if they voted for a palestinian state. so, that shot that thing done as far as the obama administration, this publication they will take the same tact with the same
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threat, and one official saying any talk from the administration about cutting funds to the palestinian authority right now is "premature." >>shepard: thank you, eric. besides the palestinian question, controversial matters involving syria, iran and libya could make the u.n. meeting one to watch. we will look at what is going on and why it is important in a few minutes. but, first, our continuing coverage of the man, his wife and two young daughters who were brutally murdered during a home invasion. today, he relives those moments on the witness stand in the trial of the second suspect in the brutal crime. the prosecution says that the defendant sexually assaulted the 11-year-old girl, killed her, killed her sister and killed their per before burning down their house with their bodies inside back in 2007. last year a jury sentenced his suspected accomplice, hayes, to death, and the defense is that the other guy did it, the other
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guy was responsible for the murders. the father, who escaped, is dr. william petit and testified not hayess' trial and is trying to tell the jury about the ordeal during which his family died. and now, outside the courthouse in connecticut this afternoon. i cannot imagine the atmosphere in that courtroom while the doctor was on the stand. >>reporter: that atmosphere was very heavy. remember, this is really, the first time the doctor pet it is sitting directly cross from the suspect, where he has a line of sight with the defendant looking back at him today and the courtroom was absolutely silent as dr. petit delivered a play-by-play of the horrible night and among and how he was beaten over the head with a baseball bat, tied up, and shown a gun by the two intruders that night, and it turned out to be a bb gun held up in court today but the doctor said he had every reason to believe it was real.
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the dr. petit recalled hearing a votes that became more serious as the time went out he called out for his wife, a man he said yelled back from upstairs, don't worry, it will all be over in a minute. and his wife, jennifer, was raped in that moment, and strangled by hayes, and gasoline was poured and the house set on fire, and both daughters died of smoke inhalation after being tied to their beds and dr. petit narrowly escaped and rolled out being tied up, getting over to his neighbor's house, you recall that portion, as well, today. >>shepard: it is my understanding the defense attorney cross-examined dr. petit. how aggressive was the defense's cross-examination? >>reporter: pretty aggressive. much more than we saw with the hayes case and this is a different defense team we are seeing. both hayes and the defendant blame each other for escalating the violence which is why the defense took this turn today.
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the attorney told the juries that the two suspects argued while inside the house and it was hayes who spread the gasoline, and lit the match and insisted they kill the family. and dr. petit told the jury today that he only heard the one voice throughout the night which means no arguing according to his account, and the defense attorney on cross asked if he was sure he remembered everything from that night and asked if maybe he was influenced from testimony of the hayes trial and maybe that clouded his memory of that. but dr. petit said, no, he remembered only hearing the one voice. right now, we have some of the officers taking the stand in rotation as the second day of the trial continues. >>shepard: thank you from the courthouse in connecticut. when the united states lost its aaa credit rating a few select people knew that downgrade was coming before it went public. a new report indicates that the feds want to necessity if they used that information to make a ton of money.
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we will get into that in a moment, plus, want to bring extra stuff with you on the next flight? that will be $400 please. the huge fees going interest effect for airline travelers.
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>>shepard: a suicide bomber who hid a bomb in his turban assassinated the former president of afghanistan. the former president rabanni was head of the peace panel of the afghanistan government set up in an attempt to start negotiations with the taliban. he entered his house and blew himself up and killed a total of six people. the experts say the assassination is a severe blow do any possible peace negotiations with the taliban and talks with ethnic rivals. the afghanistan president karzai cut short a visit to the u.n. because of the attack. word today that a group of investors may have used insider tips to profit from the credit
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downgrade last in. this while many americans saw their retirement funds disappear. you will recall the dow plummeted 600 points in the first day of trading after the nation lost the aaa rating, the worst one day drop since the 2008 financial crisis. today, the "wall street journal" is reporting that federal regulators are looking into possible insider trading just before that historic downgrade. the "wall street journal" is owned by the parent company of this network. and gerri is with us here with her two cents. who are the targets of the insider trading probe? >>gerri: the usual suspect, specialized trading firms and breakers, anyone who would sit down with s&p weeks before the downgrade was made possible and had a conversation about what might happen. there was a round robin of conversations with s&p, and people walked away from this and it was a lot of bond fund managers thinking, we may get a downgrade, so, now, the s.e.c.
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is looking into whether this actually prompted people to start trading on the rumor. >>shepard: trading on the rumor is not illegal. what is illegal is if they find evidence. >>gerri: it is hard. hard to do because at the end of the day you could have sold off stocks for any number of reasons, you thoughtup was going into the toilet, you did not like the prospects for growth in the united states. that is the kind of excuse people would put up with and they would make a lot of sense. >>shepard: the market has been up 1 percent not long ago and still doing well. >>gerri: people think the fed will step in and help. how, i have no idea. there is nothing left to do but, hope springs eternal in the mines of wall street executives, and also, we have indications that greece could get more bailout help, and it seems each day that is what the market is trading on. >>shepard: greece is on the edge and moving markets around the world. i may have read that on
3:17 pm and you can catch gerri at 5:00 eastern and 4:00 central on fox business news. if you are planning to fly later this year, get ready for unprecedented fees from the airline. a "usa today" number report today shows continental and united are charging $400 for each bag that weighs between $71 and $100 pounds. for travel outside the united states. hear that? if you head to anywhere in asia on american airlines, the overweight bag sets you back $450! but if you pack light and stay in the united states you could pay up to $38 just to check one bag. in the trunk they're free. we have been telling you about the guy who told a 9-1-1 blurted to the operator he shot his wife. five times and now after he made the phone calls we are learning what he did, e-mail evidence is
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next. and it is impossible to predict earthquakes seismologists say but that is not stopping prosecutors putting scientists on trial for failing to predict an earthquake.
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>>shepard: the florida millionaire accused of shooting his wife in the face and blaming the death on her sent heated e-mails in the hours after her death. some of them came out in court today. the prosecution says the man, bob ward, kill will his wife inside their home in the wealthiest neighborhood in orlando and he accused, or argued that his wife was trying to shoot herself and he tried to stop her the gun went off during a struggle. the forensic don't match that story according to the experts. a computer technician said he
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received e-mails from bob ward's cell phone dated hours after the wife died including one e-mail to a bankruptcy lawyer that read i hope you are happy, diane killed herself this evening, go to hell, bob ward. probably go do hell and then bob ward. that contradicts the 9-1-1 call. listen. >> i killed my wife. >> you shot your wife? >> i shot my wife, yes. >>shepard: the witness read e-mails that he says the wife sent on the day she died and the prosecutor arguing they show bob ward's wife was not in a suicidal state mine. and steve is in the florida newsroom. members of the family took the stand. how was their testimony affecting the case? >>reporter: the younger daughter age 21 was put in a
3:23 pm
difficult situation of testifying on the stand about her dead mother in the second-degree murder trial of her father saying her mother was her best friend, and she loved her dearly, but she also said her mother had a drinking problem and she was a heavy drinker and when she drank red wine she sometimes became violent. >> can you tell us what you observed? the change in her personality when she would drink red wine >>guest: she threw a suitcase at me when she was drinking red wine. >> do you dove of love your dad? >> more than anything. >> do you love your mom? >> more than anything. >> she tried on the stand after the testimony. of course, red wine was found at the scene along with the body her mother, the entire room, the sheets, even his clothing, were stained with red from blood and purple from red wine.
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>>shepard: was the prosecution arguing this murder was over money or an ex-girlfriend? >>reporter: it seems to be a combination. we heard how bob ward complained to an ex-girlfriend that his wife was spending too much money and we heard about those spending habits. we learned they eved $80,000 prior to bankruptcy and mrs. ward received ten horses, six show horses for the younger daughter, an accomplished amateur rider. >>shepard: thank you, steve. a lawyer for the detained americans in iran was back in
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court today seeking a second judge's signature on a possible bail deal. but he says the judge never showed up. you will recall last month, iran sentenced two to eight years in prison after convicting them of spying. the pair along with their friend claimed they were on vacation on the border area between iraq and iran. the iranians released the woman last september. and the iranian president, mahmoud ahmadinejad, arrived in new york today to the united nations general assembly, and in an interview with abc news, he said the americans would be released "very soon." but we're told an ongoing political battle between ahmadinejad and the mullahs who run the place could be holding up a possible dole. or it could be a bunch of show before the united nations general assembly to get the families all upset again and to not send them back again and use
3:26 pm
them as a "chit," which they are using them. while the syrian governments slaughters their citizens the leaders are welcomed at the united nations. coming up the latest on the death toll and the possible push to punish the syrian regime. that's ahead along with bottom of the hour headlines on "studio b."h
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3:30 pm
government and discuss palestinian people's demand for statehood, the government of syria is slaughtering their people. security forces have killed nine people in the past 24 hours. the united nations human rights office reports that large syrian forces have killed at least 2,700 people including 100 children. of course we cannot con firm that because they will not let the journalists in to cover the blood shed. the chief correspondent is in new york. the u.n. is struggling for a united front on syria. >>jonathan: precious little chance of any progress on syria. despite the fact that the u.n. officials themselves are reporting so many deaths caused by the syrian security forces since the pro democracy uprising began there. the supreme court counsel has been unable to agree on strong language, never mind strong
3:31 pm
actions against syria. the sticking point, as always, in this is the russians. they believe that the way forward is negotiation between the protesters and the regime of president assad, not action here at thes united nations. secretary of state hillary clinton met with the russian foreign minister yesterday on the sidelines of the general assembly but officials stay there was precious little agreement other than to keep talking. >>shepard: we reported that iranian president, ahmadinejad squad, will speak this week. what do we expect from him? >>jonathan: he arrived in new york and we heard today abc news reporting that he reiterated those two hikers will be released but in timeframe. and now, president ahmadinejad's speech will be interesting. he is involved in internal politics with the more hard-line elements, the clerics in we iran and he wanted to portray himself
3:32 pm
as perhaps the more moderate face of iran but he also has to talk to the conservative elements there and he faces re-election next year in the presidential election and he will come out swing dog some extent and you can expect the usual targets: west, the united states, and israel to be major factors in the speech on thursday. >>shepard: thank you, jonathan at the serious. and peace journalist is with us now. help us make sense of this. >>reporter: well, we have tyrantses coming to new york and we give them the podium. country by country to make sense of it, ahmadinejad comes each year with the same rhetoric, the representative of the regime. >>shepard: he is holding two of our americans hostage. >>guest: they said they would release the hikers and show how merciful they are, but at the same time, they are almost
3:33 pm
providing a solution to a problem they katieed. and internal conflict at home, but that is not going to be relevant to what a happening. here will come in and champion the palestinian bid for statehood and that has been the best thing that ever happened to the iranian regime, the conflict between the israelis and the palestinians. whatever takes the spotlight off of them allows them to stay in power longer. >>shepard: today the palestinians and the two hikers. and then there is syria, we have a "not" war in libya, we are not warring during the war in which we don't war but in syria thousands are dieing and we it is on our hands. how do we justify that? >>guest: we are talking about not only sitting on our hands with regard to what going on in syria, the bloodbath that has been created on the streets, but we are talking about negotiating with them? and bringing a representative of
3:34 pm
the assad regime to new york? and giving him the podium? if they want to reach out to the people, they can stop the violence. they don't need to come to new york and we don't need to give them a platform to say they want to negotiate and in doing so, we are actually bolstering the iran enregime, once again, because the iranian regime is behind all of the crackdowns in syria providing them with intelligence, weapons, and cyber surveillance to crackdown on the poor kids on facebook. >>shepard: our government has been telling us we can go back as far as we want, really, but go back to the israeli lebanon war in the south and watching the south of lebanon fall apart and the government is, well, so much is syria. and, now, suddenly, syria has a huge humanitarian crisis and we are reaching out a hand. i don't understand it. >>guest: it does not make sense and we go to libya, we led from behind. you can call it whatever you want, we are involved but there
3:35 pm
is no plan. i will tell you one thing that is a positive step, something positive about the obama administration, we are involving them in the u.n. meetings this year putting responsibility in the hands of the rebels, of the opposition that has been created and we are saying, show us what you got. if you want to be the leaders, if you want to prove yourselves, because this is what we have do watch for. the united states or the u.n. cannot just blindly acknowledge the rebels as the new libyan government. >>shepard: they have not had organized opposition for 40 years. they don't have a way to bring anything together. >>guest: these are defectors. but let them prove they are the voice of the people and they can lead the next chapter of libyan government. >>shepard: if we wait the people will let us know. >>guest: but we have to have a hand and be involved. we have gotten involved and we have to stay involved and not
3:36 pm
drop the bar like we did with president carter 30 years ago. we delivered the iranian movement into the hands of the mullah. do not do it again. >>shepard: that is factually accurate, and exactly what happened. i am not it wasn't the idea but i am sure afghanistan was not the idea as we were, well, never mind. great to see you. thank you. good luck. an interesting week. a death row inmate lost his last ditch effort for clemency despite help from the pope, former congressman and former director of f.b.i., scheduled to die tomorrow after the state of georgia's pardon board today reject his final appeal. he and his supporters claim he was wrongly convicted in the murder of a police officer way back in 1989. several witnesses who helped convict davis later went back on their testimony. some of them recanted it
3:37 pm
entirely. but relatives of the victims say they're relieved bit decision which leaves davis with little chance of avoiding death by government. for the first time in our history, a person can be openly gay in the united states military, the "don't ask, don't tell" policy, gone, as of midnight last night and we will get reaction from the pentagon the when a 12,000 pound killer whale killed a trainer at seaworld were the people who run the park ultimately responsible? by the way, that was the third human the whale had killed. i habe a cohd. yeah, i toog nyguil bud i'm stild stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. really?
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[ coughing continues ] log on to and tell washington: don't weaken clean air protections. ♪ [ male announcer ] what is the future of fuel? the debate is over. ♪ lexus hybrid drive technology is designed to optimize any fuel source on the planet. even those we don't use yet. because when you pursue perfection, you don't just engineer a future-proof hybrid system. you engineeamazing. ♪ >> after 18 years of forcing our military men and women to hide their sexual orientation, the law known as "don't ask, don't tell" is officially no more. the united states military and no longer prevent gays from serving openly. the repeal stops all spending
3:41 pm
investigations discharges and other proceed insurance against gays in the military. and when the repeal took effect at the stroke of midnight this morning, a navy officer and his partner of 11 years married before a small group of friends and family in vermont. >> it is up describable feeling when you think, finally, we can be just like everyone else. >> we didn't come here at the stroke of midnight to be the first to make news but we came here because we wanted to get married for years and we did not want to wait a moment longer. >> the president signed the law in december and said lifting the ban will not hurt the military's ability to fight. and now, jennifer, how are they ranging there today? >> well, another day like any other, according to one service member, it is a bit like y2k, the sky didn't fall and they continue as planned. the admiral whose testimony early in the legislative process was key to the repeal had this to say. >> i think, i said then, and i
3:42 pm
said today, it's the right thing to do, it's done and we need to move on. >> the marine corps times had this headline in the days leading up to the repeal "we're gay, get over it," and the marine corps leadership expressed the most concern about repeal. >> the celebrating began after midnight. >> yes, and you mentioned a couple in particular, navy lieutenant gary ross and his partner were so anxious to celebrate the repeal they flew from their home in arizona and got married shortly after midnight in vermont, and the marine captain got choked up on capitol hill. >> i'm 31 years old and i am a woman and i'm a lesbian. and ... and, prior to dead if i said that, i could expect to be discharged from the military. >> gay service member such as
3:43 pm
captain have unresolved issues in terms of benefits, their partners will not be allowed to live on bases, they can not receive health care benefits, so they are still more, there are still more issues to be resolve ed. >>shepard: the theme park in central florida, seaworld is fighting back over the death of a trainer. a curl whale pulled the trainer underwater and ground her in front of a crowd of people and it looks to many like the story of how that happened change a couple of times. potentially according to the accusations by the p.r. people. a witness recorded all of this, to video, before things went wrong. the lawyers for the government played the video in court today stopping it just before the 12,000 pound whale killed the trainer. that's the stop point. the government defending the occupational safety and health administration's decision to cite seaworld with willful safety violations and hand down a $75,000 fine.
3:44 pm
$75,000. willful. and she is dead. and even the $75,000 seaworld is appealing a spokesman said the allegations reflect a fundamental lack of understanding of the safety requirements associated with marine mammal care. and now to the lawyers. former prosecutor and fox news legal analyst and criminal defense attorney randy zelin. the idea, here, is this whale had killed a couple times before. humans. and seaworld just didn't handle itself right. >>randy: the problem i have with the way this case is being handled, a train presupposes she has been trained. killer whales, she trains killer whales. she knows what she is getting interest. you talk of throw deaths one doesn't count because a guy snuck into the park and went into the poll so really you are talking about one. >>shepard: doesn't count?
3:45 pm
>>randy: he is not a trainer or professional, with no training. >>shepard: you may continue. >>randy: it is not the $75,000 but to they lose that ends their industry. no one will go to seaworld to watch the trainers this the stand while the killer whales are in the pool it is too much of an extreme. >> whole thing with the whales, that is what they do, they splash the audience, they do not put the trainers in the water. >>randy: because of this. >> don't you think it might be a good idea? there are two, three, dead humans because of this one animal. >>randy: do we outlaw boxing or car racing? people die in car racing accidents. >>shepard: you throw a stranger in my house and i might kill it, too. >>randy: she is not a stranger but a trainer. she knew what she was doing. >>shepard: they text over the
3:46 pm
week. no. one is an animal and one is a human. this kills. is that right? rain it has been going on for how many years. do we put seaworld out of business as a result of this? >>arthur: i don't think it's putting seaworld out of business. too, i think the audience should know that $75,000 fine is the most they could be ask for by statute. or russia is there -- osha is there to protect all environments whether you work on a crane or a killer whale. so they are just saying, she should not have been put in a position she was put in with the knowledge they had this whale was aggressive to begin with. and i don't think, randy, anyone will argue with making additional safety precautions. >>randy: i grow but don't put them out of business. they are not fighting over $75,000 but they are out of business if they lose.
3:47 pm
>>arthur: they still have the whale do the tricks. >>shepard: i am confident they are afraid they will have them climb the ladder. put the fish in the ocean where they belong. where they belong. >>arthur: osha should be given credit, they did not she the rest of the video. in my opinion that video, it is disgusting. no one should see the video. >>shepard: i don't think so. why want to see it personally. >>arthur: that will not glue the judge's decision. >>randy: the family was there while the law judge, and this was in jury, they were sense different and did the right thing. too much of an extreme there has to be a happy medium. put the safety precautions in. >>arthur: they want a fence up. >>randy: this is only the second person to die the i am not minimizing. many more people die in car
3:48 pm
accidents and we don't outlaw cars. >>shepard: cars are not supposed to be in the water. >>randy: will some go in the water. >>shepard: you take the duck boat over to new jersey. and one thing before the producers stop me: kelly clark, cure rate (o) of department -- y said the whale did not show aggression previously, except for the other two dead people. >>arthur: they mean right then. weather is an indication, the weather is an indication, and other behaviors in the water. but she was not even in the water. the guy comes out, the animal comes out and pulls her in and, unfortunately ... >>shepard: maybe they need a xanax. necessary. a 5,000 pound at light will come
3:49 pm
rushing to earth in about three days and it could hit the united states. that is from nasa. and now the u.s. is preparing for the event. the latest on the space junk's possible path just ahead. ollars. we are business in america. and every day we awake to the same challenges. but at prudential we're helping companies everywhere find new solutions to manage risk, capital and employee benefits, so american business can get on with business. ♪ is it the new forty, i don't know. i probably feel about thirty. how is it that we don't act our age [ marcie ] you keep us young. [ kurt ] we were having too much fun we weren't thinking about a will at that time. we have responsibilities to the kids and ourselves. we're the vargos and we created our wills on legalzoom.
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>>shepard: seven scientists on trial for manslaughter because they did not give enough warning that an earthquake was about to happen saying the research team met days before a severe earthquake rocked central italy and decided at the time a earthquake was unlikely but fellow scientists argue it is impossible to determine with current technology when and where this will happen. this particular earthquake killed more than 300 people. and threatened almost an entire town in the central of italy.
3:53 pm
>> nasa warns a six ton piece of space junk is moving toward earth and the federal emergency management agency is putting forth a response case just in case it does not burn up on re-entry. the 20-year old satellite the size of a school bus, the biggest piece of space junk set to hit the united states in three decades. scientists say it could fall to earth on friday. as to where, look at the map, they say it will break apart in the atmosphere, probably, and scatter chunks across an area 500 miles wide, from alaska to south america, europe, africa, and australia. so billions of you, be on alert. trace with more live from the west coast. isn't this supposed to break up and do nothing? >>trace: well, it is. but they are saying at least 26 large chunks could fall and the biggest of the 26 large chunk,
3:54 pm
give or take a chunk or two, could be 250 pounds. if you put them together, 1,100 or 1,200 pounds of steel which is a good metal shower if you are beneath it. they believe the satellite will fall back to earth friday but it could be late thursday. it could be early saturday morning. and they zeroed it done to hit earth but they are not sure where. nasa says not to worry. mostly. listen. >> it will have an uncontrolled re-entry which most satellites do. they are not brought down in a specific case, but wherever they come down. you go with the odds and the likely hood of being over a opinion lated area is small. >> that is code for "we have no idea where this will come down." they have shot these down before, but that is when they are filled with hazardous material and this has no hazardous material so they are going to let it fall back to work. >> the odds are low but space
3:55 pm
junk has hit humans. >>trace: the odds are one in 3,200 and today we found the one. her name is lottie and in 1997 a delta rocket was falling back to earth and she looked up and that was what hit her. she locked up, saw something streak across, and heard something in the trees and it did not hit her, and something hit her left shoulder. she was not hurt, and she said she was kind of excited. listen. >> i used to wonder, how is it that people could see something, you know, that might hit me, see it coming and not move, but i realized that you really can't move. because you are so awe-struck, i guess you could say at what you are seeing, you just don't move. >>trace: she called the weather bureau to pick up the space junk and they laughed at her so she kept it.
3:56 pm
>>shepard: thank you, trace. continuing story of the white house gatecrashers. the salahis are at it again. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements.
3:57 pm
the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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3:59 pm
>>shepard: white house gatecrasher turned reality star and her new boyfriend are calling their affair a fairytale. salahi made headlines when she and her husband crashed a white house state dinner. she went on to star in a reality tv show. last week, the husband salahi reported his wife was kidnapped and it turned out she had run off with a guitarist. she tells a website "when you want to be with someone that bad you start to go crazy. i walked away from everything. there are reports that the wife salahi and her new man are hoping to land, altogether now, a reality television show. stunning. would never have seen that coming is the last line of the

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